We are so excited to bring you our fundraising program.

You know what, we are kinder parents ourselves and we appreciate the workload on those magical parent-volunteers. So we have tried to design our fundraising program to be as simple as possible.

So here’s the deal:

1. Easy, stress-free fundraising

  • We provide you with all the promotional materials that you need to succeed; email templates, images, posters and flyers (in pdf form)
  • No baking, stalls, distribution of materials, door knocking or losing your precious weekend time!


2. Absolutely risk-free

  • Our books are sent following order, so you only pay for what you need.


3. Shareable Content to Maximise Sales

  • Our email and social media templates are designed to be shared maximizing the number of orders that you can receive.


So, if you are ready to start your fundraiser, then register your fundraiser here to have your fundraising pack sent to you.


PAPERBACK CLEARANCE: Paperback edition $20 whilst stocks last (discount applied at checkout).

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