Fundraising FAQ’s

Fundraising FAQ


Is there a minimum order?

The minimum order is just 10 books.

How much money do we make?

You make $11.00 profit per paperback and $16.00 profit per hardcover!

We reward loyalty! So, returning organisations will receive 50c extra on each product on their first to third return and $1.00 extra on each product when they become a frequent player (4th and subsequent return).

How quickly can you deliver?

Once payment is made, please allow 5-10 days for printing and delivery.

Please note that in peak times (typically November/December), delays are often experienced at the printer. For this reason, if you are making orders that are required pre-Christmas delivery these MUST be received before the end of November. No Christmas guarantee can be made on orders received after this date.

How do we pay you?

Once your fundraiser is complete, simply send us an email confirming final order numbers and we can raise an invoice for payment. We can accept credit card, paypal or bank deposit payments.

How much is freight?

For orders of 25 books or under, freight is charged at $10. For orders over 20 books, freight is free.

Do you accept returns?

Typically, books are not sent until the fundraiser is complete, which provides a risk-free fundraiser and eliminates the worry of dealing with returns.

If, for example, you would like to order some books in advance for the purposes of an open day or fair, we can accept a limited number of returns (10 books) provided return postage is paid by the organisation. Please remember that minimum orders still apply.

How long should we run our fundraiser?

We suggest a minimum of two weeks, and up to four weeks.

Can we order a few books for display purposes?

Whilst we cannot provide samples, if you would like to order a book or two for display purposes, these can be purchased at RRP. Once the fundraiser is complete we can credit the fundraising difference to the invoice so that these books form part of your final order.

How do we promote the book?

Our fundraisers are designed to minimise the headache on hardworking (and typically volunteer) fundraising representatives. We get it, we are kinder parents ourselves.

To make life easy, once you have registered to fundraise, we will send you a whole heap of email templates for your fundraiser, as well as soft copy poster and flyers and even images and suggested text for social media.

How do people purchase the book?

Generally, we run like a typical fundraiser, where you, the organisation, undertake the fundraising promotion and the collection of orders (including payment) and then place one bulk order with us.

However, for Tasmanian, South Australian and Victorian organisations we are about to offer the option of providing a purchase link. This would look something like:

This takes the administration of collecting orders and payments off your hands. Promotion of the book and fundraiser remains with the organisation (with the help of our templates).

Please note that for Victorian-based organisations, a 4-6 week period is required prior to the fundraiser in order for Jack and Lu’s to lodge the relevant documentation with Consumer Affairs for approval. There is no such requirement for Tasmania.

I am not based in Vic, SA or Tas, can you still provide the purchase link?

Whilst we would love to offer this arrangement Australia-wide, we are governed by fundraising laws, which differ by state.

Unfortunately, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania are the only states whose legislation allows us to collect fundraising monies on your behalf and then distribute your share without MOUNTAINS of paperwork which neither you nor we want (Yes, trust me, we wish they were all in alignment too).

Sounds great, how do we register?

If you are ready to register and get your fundraiser kick-started, apply here.


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