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What is so special about this book?

Well, I guess it is the same as the thing that makes a washing machine, or cutlery or a light bulb special… it just makes life easier.

Unlike other books out there that outline children’s play activities, Real Kids, Real Play is focused on activities that can be done with everyday household items and with little setup time. We have also been sure to include a range of activities, such as gross motor skills, STEM etc. and do not focus purely on messy crafts (*groan*).

So the book includes 150+ activities…Seriously, that must be one hard book to read.

Gosh no. I spend my days in front of a computer, the last thing that I want to do is read a novel when I get home.

My mantra is, if the activity cannot be understood through a picture, forget it. Yes, there is plenty of information for those that wish to read, but it is certainly not a necessity.

What aged kids does it cover?

Real Kids Real Play is for preschool children (aged 0-5 years). That said, plenty of the activities, including the toddler experiments, would also engage primary-aged children.

Do I need to purchase items to do the activities?

Absolutely not. The book is based around the notion of utilising materials around the home. Not a Betty Crocker household, but an I-haven’t-been-shopping-in-3-weeks household.

There are a small number of activities that may utilise common children’s toys (e.g. cars or teddies) but that is the extent of it.

Is supervision needed?

The activities included require varying levels of supervision based upon child’s age, development and hazards presented (i.e. water). Every child is unique. It is the parent/carers responsibility to best assess each situation and activity and determine the level of supervision required for their own child.

What childhood qualifications do you have?

Absolutely none. Except I am a mother with an interest in activities that occupy my children whilst providing developmental outcomes. I have absolutely ZERO creativity so, after being surrounded by what could only be described as cheap plastic clutter, I went on a search to find activities that would engage my children and relieve my bank balance. You know, like the activities we used to do in our childhood…

We have been so lucky to have the book endorsed by parenting expert Maggie Dent as well as receive a number of orders from Kinder teachers… so, we know we are onto a good thing!

*Phew* what a relief you have published this book… but I have other suggestions…

We would love to hear them! We are currently developing a range of products that encourage big play without big clutter! We always welcome feedback and suggestions to make the journey of each parent and carer as easy as possible.


About the Store

What is the deal with printing?

Our book is print on demand.

What that means is that we were able to bring it to you at the lowest possible cost. It also means that when we receive an order, we direct it to the printers and they then print it and send it straight to you, the customer.

Where is the book printed?

Our printer has locations in Melbourne, Australia, United Kingdom and USA. Your order will be directed to the most appropriate printing location in order to ensure that we can remain cost competitive and that you won’t have to wait until your children have left home for delivery!

What’s your privacy policy

Basically, we will not share your information with any third parties (i.e. not you or us) for the exception of the printer.

In order for us to ship your order as quickly as possible, we send your order to you directly from the printer. Your name and address (and phone number if provided) is supplied to the printer for this reason however, your email address will not be. The printer will only use your information for the purposes of shipping your order.

Is it safe to put in my credit card details?

Our payments are handled by reputable third-party processors Shopify Payments or Paypal (depending on what you choose at checkout).


Shipping and Returns

Do you accept PO Boxes?

At this point in time, we are able to provide shipping to PO Boxes in Australia only. If a PO Box is provided for a non-Australian address, we will be in touch to discuss the best delivery options.

How long will it take for me to receive my item?

Typically printing times are 2 days for paperback and 4-7 days for hardcover although this can be slightly longer in peak periods (leading up to Christmas). Standard shipping times in Australia are 1-3 days for metropolitan areas and up to 10 days for remote areas of Australia. For further information, and locations outside Australia, please refer to Shipping and Returns.

If you require your book urgently, please contact us at info@jackandlus.com.au . Options will vary based upon your location, however, we do have limited numbers in stock and can also pay a premium at the printers for expedited delivery.

My order never arrived

If you have been sitting by your letterbox waiting for our delivery beyond the timeframes mentioned above, please contact us in the first instance at info@jackandlus.com and we will chase up your order.

How can I track my order

Once your order is shipped from the printers we receive notification of the tracking ID (where applicable) and will notify you via email. Please note that trackability varies by region, please refer to Shipping and Returns for further details.

Do you ship overseas and will I have to remortgage our house to pay for international shipping?

Not only do we ship overseas but we actually print overseas too!

Our printer has locations in Melbourne, Australia, United Kingdom and the USA. Your order will be directed to the most appropriate printing location in order to ensure that we can remain cost competitive and that you won’t have to wait until your children have left home for delivery!

We offer a fixed $5AUD shipping fee (or free shipping for orders over $50AUD) to Australia, Europe, USA and United Kingdom. For all other areas, shipping rates can be advised (contact info@jackandlus.com ) or will be viewable on checkout.

What about Currency?

All prices shown on our website are in AUD. Currency conversion will be undertaken at checkout by the applicable payment processor (Shopify Payments or Paypal).


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