Covid Resources for Kids

Looking for Covid resources for kids??? Need to understand how to explain coronavirus to kids and looking for easy isolation activities for kids?

Described as the ultimate Covid-19 parenting pack, Australian authors Alice Zsembery and Charlie Golding have teamed together to provide the resources that you need to parent through these unique times. 



 – 1 x copy of Real Kids, Real Play which provides 150+ isolation activities for kids using household items (paperback, 6 x 9in, 218 pages)

– 1 x copy of When the World Went Inside which helps promote the understanding that young minds need in the current pandemic, with the reassurance that this will not be forever (saddle stitch, 21.5 x 21.5cm)

About “Real Kids, Real Play”:

Real Kids, Real Play is about bringing real childhood back. It is the ultimate play guide for 0-8 year olds and, in these current times, is an excellent, quick resource for isolation activities for the kids.

It reminds us of the copious educational and fun activities that our children can do around the home using everyday items – without you having to spend lots of money, time or effort.

Inside you’ll find activities, experiments, DIY recipes and song lists that stimulate your child’s physical, cognitive and social development.

About “When the World Went Inside”:

Theo is a young child who sees his world changing around him and wonders why. The book introduces new words and concepts to children in a way which is easy to grasp. 

When The World Went Inside is a gently written book that doesn’t shy away from the difficult questions.

The book has three additional sections:

– What Exactly is Covid19  – Information not specifically introduced in the story.
– How to Stay Safe From Covid19 – Practical advice.
– Big Feelings in a Small Space – Acknowledging that this can be hard and offering suggestions on how to feel better.

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