Real Kids, Real Play

150+ activities to do around the home using household items

Real Kids, Real Play is about bringing real childhood back.

It reminds us of the copious educational and fun activities that our children can do around the home using everyday items - without you having to spend lots of money, time or effort. It is written by an exhausted Mum, for an exhausted Mum. And Dad. And Grandparent. And Carer... 

Inside you'll find activities, experiments, DIY recipes and song lists that stimulate your child's physical, cognitive and social development.

$29.95 (paperback)

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As reviewed by Maggie Dent...


"Every now and again I have a book come across my desk, which has been written by a person full of passion and wisdom, that needs to be found! REAL KIDS, REAL PLAY is one such book. Alice Zsembery shares my passion for play and play in the home and surrounds that does not require buying endless toys! This book is packed full of engaging actvities that can happen using household items - from scarfs, socks, milk containers, plastic buckets, toilet rolls, post-it notes... just to name a few!! This is a fabulous book for parents, grandparents and also ECEC educators looking for fresh ideas!!"

- Maggie Dent, Parenting Expert 


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Our book is made to make the life of each parent and carer a little easier... Here is what our customers are saying and why we feel all gooey on the inside...

For further testimonials refer to our testimonials page.

  • Your book is awesome! I have been loving the ideas and particularly love how instantly do-able they are; I don't need to go to the shops because I can use what I already have. Thank you!                                     - Annabel (Mum of 4, Aus)

    I think the book is awesome and my friend was just so delighted to get such a unique book. So many clever and simple/quick ideas. I thought I was creative when my kids were little, but you've taken it to a whole new level!                    - Nina (Mum of 2 big kids, Aus)

  • We are loving the Real Kids, Real Play book, especially the Chapter of Toddler Experiments. A 4yo with plenty of energy is sometimes hard to entertain on a tight budget! Love that you can use stuff from home and I don't need to go out of my way to buy anything.                                      - Kaitlan (Mum of 1, Aus)

    We love the book - it has so many nice, but simple ideas in it. Would highly recommend and global delivery was quick!                                                                            - Wessel (Dad of 3, Netherlands)

  • A friend gave me your book and I just want to tell you how amazing I think it is! We live in London so there are many rainy days at the moment. We have recommended the book to so many people.                                                                          - Lavinia (Mum of 1, UK)

    This book is awesome. Love the easy and stylish format and all the helpful photos. A perfect coffee table book                                       - Jane (Mum of 3, Aus)  

Sneak peek inside the book...

  • Do-It-Yourself Vault

    Recipes for paint, playdough, glue and other play fun all in one spot.

  • Kid-Friendly Song List

    Sick of listening to kids' songs every day? We have included our go-to list of kid-friendly adult songs to bop along to.

  • Activities

    Fun preschool activities for 0-5 year olds using household items including quiet play, messy play, fine and gross motor skills, imaginative, sensory, problem solving and STEM activities.

  • Preschool Science

    Some pretty cool preschool science activities to learn how the world works. Of course, these too only utilise household items.
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